Bait House Brewery Dog Biscuits……Who Knew!

Did you know???

When we brew our beer at the Bait House Brewery our process includes plenty of leftover “spent grain”.  It’s a delicious smelling grain that we need to find a home for once we’ve started brewing our delicious beer.  We’ve made “spent grain” bread, just to give it a try.  It turned out absolutely delicious and as we move forward with our own restaurant/kitchen this fall, we hope to incorporate the bread into our menu.

Our Brewmeister, Michael McGookey, thought we could do one better.  If you’ve visited the Bait House Brewery you will know that we are Pet-Friendly and we LOVE it when our patrons bring in their 4-legged fur babies.  So Michael came to me with the idea of “spent grain” dog biscuits.  GENIUS!  After a considerable amount of searching on the internet we came up with a couple of fabulous recipes that will surely delight…..and no, they won’t get your dogs drunk. 😉

We promise to make them with the same tender loving care that we take in brewing our beer!  We’ll be baking up our very first batch next week!